Guaranteed quality

Driven to satisfy our customers, we put top quality first. Our experience and applied standards ensure that we can deliver a wide range of the highest quality products. To guarantee that quality, we are also equipped with DEA Global 3D measuring devices. Our experience continues to grow and so does the quality of our work.

In order to always guarantee this standard of quality, we also work every day to comply with various quality certificates.

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To be able to deliver high quality, we continue to invest in new and state-of-the-art machines and techniques. Where conventional machines often fail, our arsenal of machines can handle many challenges and complex operations. Hard to reach or a certain angle that cannot be made? That is no obstacle for us!

Measuring possibilities

We closely monitor that our quality level remains assured. This is not only possible by fine-tuning our processing machines, but also by consistently measuring and checking, both during and after the operating process.

3D measuring machines

For the measurement of workpieces, we use two 3D measuring machines brand DEA Global with a size of X 4000mm × Y 2000mm × Z 1500.

The measuring machines are arranged in a specially insulated room in which the temperature is kept constant. The measurements are carried out using the PC-DIMIS software. The machine is inspected annually and calibrated in 3D, on this basis also the calibration certificate is obtained. With the help of the measuring machine or measurements, we provide our customers the accuracy of the services and the verification of the appropriateness of products.

Pressure and leakage testing

To find out possible leaks as a result of unsuitable material (porosity, blow holes, cracks) or possible errors during machining, we carry out leak or pressure tests.

Other means of measuring and testing

  • millipore testing
  • hardness measuring
  • roughness measuring
  • layer thickness measuring

Customer Care Award

We always go for the full 100%. As a result, we recently also won prizes. The Customer Care Award issued by Atlas Copco was received by Mr. Marnick Blomme and Mrs. Evelien Blomme. We attach great importance to our Quality & delivery performance and we always endeavor to pursue correct and smooth follow-up for all orders that we may process.

If ITK makes us a promise, we know that we can assume that it will be kept

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